‘Catching Feathers in the Wind,’ Book Giveaway!

Well, I’ve finally managed to complete my goal of getting six books out this year, some new and some revisions of earlier work, and now the real work begins: the job of promoting my precious babies and letting the rest of the world know where to find them!

It’s such an odd thing, after such a long and largely reclusive undertaking, to suddenly wrench back the curtains on the deliciously private world of the writer and shout “Hey world, here I am” like the very best of Vaudeville dames, insisting that the world should “get ready,” for me now, and that no one should even think of raining on my parade. When all I really want to do is pat myself on the back for a job well done, eat cake, and start writing again.

However, I can now definitely feel a powerful call back out into the world, and with the approaching new moon eclipse in Virgo, it might well be time to embrace the expansion that Jupiter is certain to bring into the world of even the most diligently focussed Virgo. So, yay!!! Hey world!! Here they are!! I hope you enjoy them!!

Here’s something I hope you’ll really enjoy!! My first ever novel, Catching Feathers in the Wind, (briefly titled Earth Angel) will be completely free on September 10th, 11th and 12th, so please download away if you’d like a free read! And please tell all your friends about the impending freebie. Of course, some of you will also know how important reviews are in bringing books to a wider audience, and I would so appreciate any input you feel able to give. But most importantly, I hope you enjoy the book, and allow it to restore your faith in the beautiful world we are creating and the angels who are constantly watching over our current transition.

Look out for reminders about tomorrow’s book giveaway, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, throughout the weekend, or click here on Thursday, Friday or Saturday!

Love and Gratitude, Diane