Catching Feathers in the Wind, Reviews!

Yay!! I’m still Catching Feathers in the Wind Coverso happy that I finally got some reviews for ‘Catching Feathers in the Wind!’ Just two so far, but it’s the quality that counts, and I’m so very touched by the deep insight that and thought that these two lovely readers have put into their comments!

Okay, I know I should probably be really cool and blasé about it but, actually, I want to squeak with excitement!!! . Someone read my book, and commented on it, and totally got it… and liked it!!! This book was my first novel, so, as you can probably tell,  it’s very dear to my heart, and I am so happy to be getting these messages of heavenly love out into the world at last!

Here are a couple of quick, direct quotes from the reviews.

“A truly breathtaking read”

“This book kept me reading and I wanted to know what happens next.”

” This is a very original read. The writing is of a very high quality; lyrical and flowing. Some of the descriptive passages are breath taking; for instance when Jayna is on the bridge which leads us to our dreams, here the writing is evocative and poetic.”

” I’m glad I came across this novel because it was truly an interesting and somewhat emotional read. I liked how its core message was love and inspiration.”

You can read the full reviews here,, and please feel free to add more, as I can’t emphasise enough, how much they do to help make books more visible and encourage other readers to try them.

Also, if you’ve recently downloaded a copy but haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you might want to read it now, as I’ll be giving away free copies of the sequel very soon!! Look out for ‘Rapture in the City’, coming soon to a Kindle near you!

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Happy October! And happy reading!

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