Just for Today… Do Not Anger


So it’s that time of year once again! Yes, for many of us it’s nearly Christmas, and, as always, it’s time to reflect on all the things we have or haven’t achieved throughout the year. I have to say, this year has been pretty intense for me, on so many levels. However, like a lot of very intense years, 2015 has also given birth to some wonderful revelations, learning, creations and awakenings.

Once again, our evolution is accelerating at such a pace that we are sometimes not even the same person at the end of the week as the person we were on Monday! With personal and global shifts constantly asking us to decide who we are to be and what part we are to play in all these mind boggling earth changes and opportunities for personal transformation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or caught up in over-thinking things.

One of my own personal awakenings in this incredible year of accelerated evolution has caused me to look very deeply inside, yet again, to find all the answers to everything in the world that seems wrong or broken. I have searched my own heart constantly, to find the violence inside me that has culminated in my existence in such a violent world. I have searched my heart and soul and received deep wisdom and love from my guides on various subjects. I have learned, firsthand, in a very deep and personal way that when there is no violence in me, there will be no violence around me.

In this way, I believe that we are all, each and every one of us, responsible for the current conflicts in our world, and that true change starts deep within each and every one of us. If the world is still seeking to heal separation through violent means, it must mean that, on a personal level, we haven’t yet healed all the violence within ourselves.

When I first began to write this blog, it was going to be a blatant commercial for a book I thought would make a perfect Christmas gift, but somehow, something else is taking over. Even as I write these words, some higher aspect of me is blossoming through into the communication, needing to be heard. And suddenly, something in my heart is telling me that on a day like today, any kind of commercialism feels like an act of violence.

Today, my stomach clenches at the thought of promoting books while there is so much pain all around me. So I stop, breathe and I remember my spirit. I remember that all I really need to do is to channel my spirit and all will be well. My Spirit knows that all is well. Always.

My mind doesn’t know how to solve the world’s problems. Sometimes it doesn’t even know ¬†how to make even my own life work effectively! But my spirit does. My mind doesn’t know what love is, or how to be truly at peace, or that it just doesn’t even matter whether I’m right or wrong about anything I believe! Or whether anyone else is interested in reading about it! In fact, caring about being right or wrong, or thinking my views are important in any way, shape or form is precisely the kind of thinking that starts wars.

So instead, I am going to get out my yoga mat and become perfectly still and peaceful inside – get to know myself a little better. And no one else has to agree that that’s the right thing to do. Today my spirit is in charge, as tears flow freely from the love I have for humanity and my longing to heal the disgust I also feel, for our immaturity and emptiness.

Today, my only invitation to you is to come to know yourself too, so that one day we can meet each other, nicely, and like each other a bit.

Regarding books and other stuff like that, well, tomorrow, as they say.. is another day!

Happy holidays everyone! I love you!