Catching Feathers in the Wind

Catching Feathers in the Wind
ASIN: 0955973384
ISBN: 9780955973383
Jayna is an Archangel... The only life she has ever known is the one in which she teaches souls to fly in Heaven and whispers inspirations to Earth’s great artists, aided by a range of dead musicians and celebrated artists. In Heaven, angels exist in a prevailing atmosphere of love, peace, joy and harmonious co-creation, so when she decides to incarnate on Earth in human form, Jayna is in for a few surprises. After a series of challenging life-times, she settles into her final spin of the wheel and prepares to return to Heaven at the completion of her mission. However, during this final lifetime, she has fallen deeply in love with Stephen, the man whose love will force her to question everything she has ever known. How will she find a way to be at peace with a range of human emotions that constantly draw her back towards the Earth? Will she find a way to return for one, last kiss? A multi-dimensional celebration of life, love, life after death, reincarnation, re-birth and inspiration. A love story that stretches across eternity.
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A beautiful story about how human beings have wrestled with the same dilemmas throughout the ages, and how angelic beings, guides and departed loved ones continue to guide them, in spite of the challenges they often face in hearing and understanding their wisdom and guidance.
By travelling through a range of dimensions and feelings, both physical and non-physical, we watch the characters explore, through their lives and experiences, what it means to be human, what it means to be Divine, and what it means to embrace both facets of our being within the space of a lifetime.
     Catching Feathers in the Wind is the prequel to Rapture in the City – a story of ascension – a tale of  of angels and guides, sent to Earth catalyse Utopia, a Heaven on Earth. It is also a timeless love story and a gentle introduction to these twelve evolved messengers of light, who have appeared on Earth time and time again, throughout history, in surprising personalities!



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