Letters to Lightworkers

Letters to Lightworkers
Genre: Inspirational
A beautiful collection of inspired articles, blog-posts, poems and uplifting quotes from novelist, intuitive and channel, Diane Hall, and her Guide Peter Elohim. Packed with entertaining essays and articles, inspired through mediumship, as Diane and Peter work together to shed light on the challenges of our shifting times, from both a human and a fifth dimensional perspective. The second part contains messages channelled directly from Peter Elohim, who offers visionary views of life beyond 2012. A comprehensive guide to shining your light while shift happens...
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About the Book

Just a quick note about some of the impetus behind compiling this book. The pace of our awakening and the changes taking place in our world are sometimes almost too exhausting for us to process and, at the same time, with enough understanding of their meaning, they can also be awe-inspiringly hopeful. As always, there are two stories running parallel to each other. There is even, at the eleventh hour, a dualistic free-will offering laid out before us: on the one hand, taunting us with a dubious time-line, which stretches forth from a questionable past, and on the other, tantalising us with a golden, utopian future. The passages in this book offer opportunities to explore the more positive possibilities, while not once forgetting where we have evolved from. Context is the key that sometimes forces us to look ourselves in the eye and ask ourselves a few choice questions about what it is we really want to co-create next, how we want shape the world for our children and, yes, it IS time for us to decide. The time is resolutely now!

My wish is that these messages will bring peace, hope and celebration, as we seek to shape our  world just as we would now choose to dream it, and manifest here on Earth, a loving frequency that matches our dawning aspirations of loving light.

 “Diane when I read passages from Letters to Lightworkers your words go straight to my heart and it feels as though each word is a cloud and I am walking from cloud to cloud surrounded by divine love. Thank You:)”

Wendy Scollan, USA

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