Rapture in the City

Rapture in the City
ASIN: 0955973392
ISBN: 9780955973390
This sequel to Catching Feathers in the Wind begins when Stephen, Jayna and the other non-physical members of their soul group assemble on a distant star, fully awakened and aware of their connection with each other as a soul group consciousness. A large meeting is called, in which they are charged with returning to Earth in various forms, in order to trigger the inhabitants of the Earth into a spontaneous co-creation of Utopia. It seems straightforward enough, until they begin to encounter strange, invisible electromagnetic fields, stubborn twin flames who refuse to re-unite and carry out their joint mission, and a mysterious figure who holds all of their dreams by a thread... Who is the enigmatic leader of the Utopian Resistance Movement, and what does he really want? Will Heaven on Earth ever be allowed to birth itself, and will Natalie ever allow herself to be united with the one man she should never, ever want..
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In this sequel to ‘Catching Feathers in the Wind’, in the aftermath of Stephen and Jayna’s passing, their friends left on Earth are still struggling to understand life, death, and the clues they have both left behind. Meanwhile, the non-physical soul group members are reminded of their true essence and purpose, when they reconvene on the distant star they all call their true home.  There, they agree on an assortment tasks that will include guiding their friends who are still on Earth, and gently reminding them of  who they are, what they came here to do, and who they should really be doing it with! Somehow, they must awaken the sleeping ones, and all come together to complete their mission of instigating a Heaven on Earth.

Wading through a complex range of twin flame soul contracts, while dealing with the stark and sometimes hilarious realities of human relationships, they struggle to make sense of the senseless limitations placed on those still living on Earth, whose sometimes hilarious journey is a reminder of the conflicts and the joys of being human, while wishing to express our Divine nature.

Can the guides and guardian angels really help their friends on Earth to transcend career aspirations, societal expectations, and even marital ties, and to see themselves as they really are? Are they really ready to trigger a huge leap in human evolution? Is humanity truly ready for Utopia? If it comes, can it be sustained… and who  is the mysterious figure who holds all their dreams by a thread…?



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