The Little Book of Daily Guidance

The Little Book of Daily Guidance
A collection of 222 inspired messages to enrich the soul, heal the heart and calm the mind and spirit. The Daily Guidance Oracle is an inspirational divination tool, based on a collection of beautiful, uplifting messages, created by author and medium, Diane Hall and inspired by her guides. Allow these messages to guide and inspire you when you are faced with a dilemma, or to form the basis of meditations and group discussions. Just close your eyes with a question or situation in mind and ask to be guided to the right answer. Hold the book and see where your hands land as you thumb through. Or if you wish to use the book as a way of developing your intuition and increasing your ability to connect with the higher dimensions, just ask your angels and guides to inspire you with the right number, and find its meaning in the book.
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The Little Book of Daily Guidance is a collection of 222 messages, mostly given to me, through a combination of meditation, mediumship and murmurs, inspired by the wisdom of my guides and crafted with my human understandings, which include lessons from my own personal life-experience and some of my esoteric knowledge as a teacher. So as well as containing the beautiful, poetic and magical influence of my guides and angels, the messages have also been influenced by the tarot, the I Ching, Shamanism, and probably even the occasional Biblical reference.

I’m so very grateful for the gift that these beautiful messages represent, both in terms of the opportunity they offer me to be of service, and in terms of the wisdom and reassurance they have brought into my own life. In recent months, these inspired messages have enabled me to experience so much love, encouragement, wisdom and upliftment from the finer dimensions, that it has almost created a complete shift in consciousness. I would be so happy to know that you, as a reader, might also experience the same sense of increased blessing, Divine love, and on-going harmony that I experienced, both in writing and at times simply receiving them.

These messages have already been thoroughly tried and tested. I’ve endlessly experimented on myself with them, shared them on social media, and am currently sharing a selection of the messages as a daily offering to my newsletter subscribers. Please feel free to join us by clicking over to the ‘Newsletter’ page and becoming a subscriber.

The lovely responses the cards have received in recent months have confirmed to me what I’d hoped about their ability to uplift and inspire others, and this little book is a way of offering more convenient, personal access to them. I hope that over the months and years to come, even more souls will be uplifted and enriched by their kind, patient and loving wisdom.

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