The Office Sorceress

The Office Sorceress
ASIN: 1517266017
One evening, while dreaming of a life she could (seemingly) never hope to have, bored data analyst, Lorna Mitchell, accidentally discovers a glitch in the Law of Attraction, and a way to make her wildest dreams come true at the touch of a button! In the days that follow, she watches in amazement, as she effortlessly manifests her fantasies out of thin air! The only problem is, some of those fantasies involve other people and could have disastrous consequences on their lives. As Lorna wrestles with the notions of free-will, longing and non-attachment, what at first seemed to be a dream coming true, is quickly becoming a nightmare! Will she get to keep the love that was meant for her all along, or will her hasty bout of cosmic ordering banish him from her life forever? Can she learn, somewhere in the course of her unprecedented all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean, the true meaning of love and responsibility? And will she learn in time, before the lives of several innocent people are destroyed!? A hilarious love story that questions the lines and grey areas between free-will, cosmic ordering and Divine co-creation.
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