Letters to Lightworkers Excerpt

Smiling at Life, The Universe and The Rollercoaster

It’s been a strange week. So many people I have spoken to this week have told me what an intense time they’ve been having and how much seems to be changing in their lives. We are living in intense times; there’s a lot of it about, perhaps; and perhaps there’s also a lot of wonderful opportunity around us that we are not yet seeing or allowing ourselves to bring fully into focus.

After all, haven’t we always been living in intense times? Haven’t we also, always been living in incredible times in which we stand on the threshold of unprecedented potential for the growth and expansion of the human spirit into embodied higher consciousness? And haven’t we always been the ones who are to make a choice about whether or not to embrace this? It feels challenging sometimes to always hold to the most positive dream we could conceive of right now in this moment when so much of what we see around us seems to threaten to pull us under into other, less resourceful ways of thinking and being in the world. And yet, it is at these very times when we must go inside ourselves and defiantly find a way to smile once again, the kind of smile which adds to the groundswell of consciousness awakening on our planet right now and affirms once again; “this is who I truly am. I am a joyous being who touches others with my joyful nature and adds my faithful presence to the mighty all and all which wishes to bring light, love and peaceful transformation here, right now.

I have also been feeling a momentous shifting, cleansing and challenging this week and an impulse to once again go beyond yet another barrier of fear in order to fulfil my dreams in all areas of life. In fact, it seems almost daily now that I am being asked, or guided, to do something which thrusts me squarely and unceremoniously outside of my comfort zone in order to create more happiness, peace, love and to make those dreams a reality. We all go through our ups and downs and have to sometimes embrace times of great questioning and events which challenge us to call upon our inner resources and find courage and resilience within ourselves, of which we were previously unaware.

It almost seems, in fact, that at this current time in our awakening as conscious spiritual beings in human form, we are faced with many changes and challenges both personally and globally. These changes are urging us to look within and begin awakening to ourselves and all that we can become, as we increasingly find that there is, indeed, nowhere else to turn if we wish to become peaceful.

This is the great journey of life and the wonder of its endless ability to bring us closer to ourselves, to each other and to the truth of who we are as magnificent creative beings able to choose our own reality. Sometimes it is exactly at times when we are pushed into these seemingly tortuous “happenings” that we find our greatest power to transform ourselves into another kind of being; a being who is capable of tremendous creativity, compassion, wisdom and an increased ability to create exactly the circumstances we wish to see in our lives. We realise on some level that we may have created these unfortunate circumstances for our own evolution and awakening and that we can just as easily turn the tide and begin to make choices which truly support and enrich who we are now becoming.

Sure it’s easy to say that this is the case, and knowing it certainly doesn’t mean that you wake up every single day full of beans, ready to take on the world, laughing hysterically at the joyous place in which you now find yourself to be. No! If that were the case we would never understand how truly blessed we are in those moments when all of the universe does, indeed, seem to conspire to bring us happiness and a sense of rightness in our choices. We all have times when we are learning something that feels tough to learn and we feel like just rubbing out last week and starting again.

However, as long as we have a sense that our overall movement is forward, and we are gradually increasing our ability to stay in this place of light and lightness for more sustained periods of time, then we are undoubtedly moving steadily towards the fulfilment of our dreams and increasing self-awareness and are very much on the right path.

We are multifaceted creatures of apparent duality, embracing a universe of contrast and infinite possibility, and, perhaps, all we can really do is to choose to follow our inner light and the dreams which burn brightly from within, keeping the flame alive and well in our hearts. Each moment of our lives we are faced with a choice as to whether we will continue to embrace the drama, the interest and the fascination which makes life on earth so different from that heavenly state of oneness and perfected awareness to which we will eventually return.

We can choose at any moment to expect, embrace and focus on the “peace we seek to become” or we can look at the many things which are wrong with our lives or not quite right about ourselves. We can grumble at and berate ourselves for the silly mistakes we made that day, the wrong choices, the inane comments and the poor associations we once again allowed to mar our lives, or we can see ourselves as endlessly loving creative beings on a grand journey of self-discovery.

So what, so we didn’t get everything right this week, this month, this year and we’re certainly not where we expected to be at the beginning of the year and “hey what about all that law of attraction stuff; why isn’t that working?” The fact is that we often set goals, create expectations and set ourselves up for disappointment by choosing not with our hearts but with our heads. And there is no peace to be found in the head. The heart holds the secrets of our true essential nature and therefore knows what will truly make us happy. When we begin to let go of the fear of what will happen if we give our heads a break, we will once again hear and follow the heart’s wisdom and begin to become true co-creators with the infinite source of all love within the universe. For love is the only true creative impulse for all things which bring true joy.

Therefore let us be more gentle with ourselves; love ourselves as we would want another to love us; care for ourselves as we care for others and see through the illusion and the drama into the ever-present possibility that we are all that we need to be right now in this very moment. When we allow ourselves a moment or two to be still and to listen, in the very next instant, the heart runs to meet us, bringing to us its precious messages and drawing us once again into a smiling consciousness where we realise that we are so, so very blessed to live the lives we live, enjoy the smiles of those we love and have food in our stomachs, shelter over our heads and the fire in our souls which makes us wish for even more.

If a child falls while playing, you pick them up, dust them off and tell them gently and lovingly that it’s just what happens sometimes, it’s still okay to go back out to play. It isn’t necessary that they stay at home forever now just in case they ever fall over and get hurt again. Your intention is to heal them; to quickly bring them back to their playful nature; to soothe and comfort them and to allow them to be themselves without fear and without the illusion or the grand expectation that life should always be perfect in every minute. You want them to learn that in the next moment all pain can be healed and turned into a more positive learning, and that you are there for them equally when they are in pain and when they are in joy. You love to see them happy and you love to see how strong they are becoming as they face life; with both its joys and its challenges, easily and effortlessly and¬†without attachment to either.

Likewise, all of our emotional scrapes and bumps are just a part of life, and life is still a beautiful game despite the scratches and scars. Life can, indeed, at times, be a like an emotional roller-coaster and the only thing that changes our experience of this glorious ebbing and flowing; this wild round of uncertainty, change and blessed transformation and the inherent possibilities existent within the human condition, is, in fact, our perception of them. So whether we choose to abhor, to embrace, to deny or to dispense with the drama entirely; whether we chose to embrace change and to revel in the new discovery of what we might become or to simply hide away in fear, we may as well enjoy the ride.

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