Little Book of Daily Guidance – Sample Messages


❤ Love Moves in Mysterious Ways! ❤

Today, send love to everything that keeps you from moving ahead. Love brings awareness and solutions. Love heals blocks and barriers. Love dissolves karmic ties. Love heals, love creates, love moves and manifests!

Learn to connect with the awesome power of Divine love, as a source of personal growth and lasting change!



❤ Mindfulness  ❤

Find pleasure in the smallest things. Allow yourself to be awake in every moment and completely present with every small, pleasant experience. Taste the fruit, smell the flowers, breath in the light.

Notice colours in the sky at sunset, hear the music of your soul and the pulse of your heart.

Rejoice, remember…you are alive!!!



❤ You are Ready! ❤

You have all you need to move forward now. Somewhere in your life, you may have been using a lack of resources or preparation as an excuse to procrastinate or avoid your destiny, but today, you are being asked to be honest with yourself.

Stop listing what you lack, and take an inventory of what you do have. There’s nothing else you need to fix; You are not broken. You are whole and complete; perfectly imperfect, and perfectly ready to begin!

A day to move ahead with imagination, creativity, skill, confidence, and resourcefulness.



❤ Bouncing Back! ❤

If you have suffered a setback, rejection or disappointment, you are among the majority! Take comfort in the fact that the sting will heal in time and you will soon see that you have lost nothing. The confident being you once were still lives inside you, and your gifts and talents are still perfectly intact.

You are whole, perfect and complete, and throughout all of life’s ups and downs, more things have been added unto you than you can even begin to imagine..

No, you are not the person you were then… you are so much more! Leap into the future with wisdom, maturity and confidence.



❤ Breath of Life ❤

The breath of life and the healing power that flows through you flows through every natural living thing. Go outside among the trees and flowers today and breathe in their strength and sweetness until you feel restored.

If you live in a city, find a park, if you live by the ocean, find a perfect beach and breathe in the sparkles until you come alive again. Nature wants to nurture you! Nature is longing to replenish you. Even trees wish to help us in our ascension process!

Nature is always calling you to come and fill yourself up from the abundant richness of life force Source energy it carries.



❤Look to the Rainbow ❤

A part of your life is coming to an end and you are being asked to look ahead to the future. Do not look back, unless you can look back with fondness.

The path is clearing and you can only walk it successfully with hope in your heart and a new attitude. You may have to change your thinking and alter your frequency.

To ensure success, keep your thoughts high, as you walk this new road!



❤All Roads Lead to Love ❤

As long as you are learning something new, you are always in the right place. No matter where you find yourself today, try to remember that there are no mistakes. God doesn’t play dice.

Wherever you are is exactly what you have requested from the infinite, to increase your learning about life, love, yourself, and the eternal truths you are seeking.

Smile, and release self-judgement. All roads lead to love and progress. Tomorrow, you will choose something better!



❤Take your Time ❤

The wisest sages and yogis know that it can take a lifetime – or many lifetimes – to fully awaken to Divine consciousness while still living in a human body of consciousness.

The wise alchemist knows what it takes to create gold out of base metals, and the study of these processes is not taken lightly. The real fun is in the journey itself – the real life that happens while we’re busy making plans.

Today, adjust your thinking so that you can begin to enjoy the process of learning and discovery much more than the thought of the outcome.  Your plan is not an overnight process. Take your time.

You are Divinely guided, evolving beautifully, and perfectly on course.

Enjoy the scenery….



❤Know Thyself! ❤

Today you may be asked to make a choice, based on incompatible ideas about what is important in life. Try to remember that what is important to others does not need to be meaningful to you!

Trust and follow your inner light. Stand firm in your conviction of who you are.

It’s okay to bend a little if it will not compromise you too much, but true peace of mind is far more enjoyable, in the long term, than short term popularity.

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