Work in Progress

My aim is to publish six books in 2015, and this is the place where I’ll keep you updated about my progress. These are my most recent updates.

Letters to Lightworkers is out now!

A beautiful collection of inspired articles, blog-posts, poems and uplifting quotes written with the help of my guide, Peter. Packed with entertaining essays and articles, inspired through mediumship, and exploring the shift from both a human and a fifth dimensional perspective.

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The Little Book of Daily Guidance  Due: July 2015! (Click Here)

A new inspired oracle, in book form, consisting of 222 inspired messages to guide, inspire and uplift the heart. The first 111 messages are currently being shared with my newsletter subscribers and on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The book contains 111 new messages that haven’t yet been seen.

Catching Feathers in the Wind (Click Here)

The story of an Earth angel’s journey to Earth and through several dimensions.

Out now!

Rapture in the City (Click Here)

The sequel to catching Feathers in the Wind. A story of the journey to Heaven on Earth.

Out now!

The Office Sorceress (Click Here)

A powerful spiritual romantic comedy about a hilarious law of attraction mishap that leads to true love

Out now!

Operation Soulmate (Click Here)

A spiritual romantic comedy about twin flames, soulmates, past life regression, helpful ghosts and karmic ties

Out now!

Find You Purpose, Know Your Path  

Due to be revised and re released in 2016

Tales From the Voice of the Heart

A book of transformational short stories

Due to be revised and re released in 2016


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